Asparagus, lemon and feta traybake: an easy weekday meal using seasonal, nutritious produce

Asparagus, lemon and feta traybake

This asparagus, lemon and feta traybake is so easy to make and celebrates some of the season’s most loveliest produce. Giant wholewheat couscous is combined with spring greens, chilli, garlic, lemon feta and lots of asparagus. Its no surprise that this delicious weekday meal was created by Anna Jones, the queen of seasonal cooking; Anna always

A Little tour of Edinburgh (featuring lots of Art and Coffee!)

A few months ago I was on a work trip to Edinburgh for the opening of an art exhibition. Although I spent two nights in the City I probably only really had a couple of hours to myself (in-between hanging the show and rushing around for meetings). But in that time I did manage to