Quick and Easy Gooey Chocolate Cake by Small Acorns

Quick and Easy Gooey Chocolate Cake

This cake is so quick and easy to make plus it doesn’t require lots of fancy ingredients. Its made from things that you would normally have in the cupboards; it’s not only easy but cheap too! Don’t expect it to rise much. This it is quite a rich, dense and very chocolatey; its more like a chocolate Swedish dessert cake than a traditional sponge.

Asparagus, lemon and feta traybake: an easy weekday meal using seasonal, nutritious produce

Asparagus, lemon and feta traybake

This asparagus, lemon and feta traybake is so easy to make and celebrates some of the season’s most loveliest produce. Giant wholewheat couscous is combined with spring greens, chilli, garlic, lemon feta and lots of asparagus. Its no surprise that this delicious weekday meal was created by Anna Jones, the queen of seasonal cooking; Anna always